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Including how much time you spend preparing estimates, invoices, meeting with clients, or even on coffee or lunch breaks. You can always track time the old fashioned way by making mental notes or writing down your time, but in this day and age, there are more powerful apps that tell you a lot more than just how much time has gone by.

Here are the features you should look for in a free time tracking app for iPhone. In addition to these qualities, we also wanted to find apps that offered a paid plan or add-ons for more functionality.

Free apps for your iPhone are great, but sometimes you need more tools for your business, in which case paying for a plan makes the most sense. It runs on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Free for one user forever. More about pricing here. The app has more than 30, courses professionally mapped and allows golfers to easily track each shot and view your location and distance to the green and hazards. These maps can also be downloaded for offline use. FunGolf lets you record a history of your shots or drives, allowing for an excellent source of data at courses you play often.

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While most golf GPS apps simply use the phone as the proxy for the ball's location, finding your location and tracking the shots based off of the phone, there are also outside devices that can be used for improved accuracy. The entire system is hands-free once you set it up — no distracting enabling through the app — it simply delivers the data in real-time. Sensors are lightweight and small, just push it into the top of your club and forget about it.

Arccos features more than 40, courses in its library and you can compare your performance against the many other Arccos users out there to see how you stack up. The sensors come with a two-year warranty and the free Android or Apple app. Check out other gear with our guide to the best golf simulators. There is a gap between the premium app subscriptions and the free options that SkyDroid fills. The app, which works on Android and Apple devices, as well as Google Glass, delivers all of the important golf GPS qualities at a very reasonable price and without any hidden subscription or course download fees.

The SkyDroid app lets users see a satellite image of the course they are playing, examining the hole for hazards and lurking doglegs. Golfers will get a simple display that tells them the hole, par, and their distance to the front, back, and center of the green. You can track your last shot or compare your distance to the green with any other location on the course. Unlike other apps, this one is not preloaded with tens of thousands of courses. Instead, you can customize your loadout by downloading as many course maps as you want for free to your app.

Mobitee is one of the best golf GPS apps on the market today. Allowing golfers to track their shots, understand their location, and see the distance to the green and hazards, it is a great GPS app.

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Mobitee has partnered with PIQ to offer its customers even more stat-tracking capabilities. In addition to understanding how well you hit with which golf clubs on what parts of the course, the Mobitee and PIQ app allow you to track your swing. With club and hand sensors, PIQ and Mobitee can show you your swing speed, your tempo and your swing path all on your smartphone for every shot. These numbers are even analyzed for one simple number: Your , PIQ Score will tell you how good each swing was.

Perfect for the course and practice, this app allows you to truly improve in every phase of the game. Interested in reading more reviews? Take a look at our selection of the best golf analyzers. Tripsavvy uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. Our youth and children have either been a subject of cyberbullying or catfishing online.

The digital dangers coupled with the new dimension of technology has led to the development of smartphone spying apps. Our youth and children have been the subject of numerous online crimes, like cyberbullying or catfishing, body shaming, frauds, etc.

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The digital dangers coupled with the new unscrupulous dimension of technology has led to the development of undetectable spy apps for iPhone. The purpose of these apps is to defend and protect our loved ones from the rampant digital vulnerability. Businesses are harnessing them to monitor their employees and people are using them for location tracking. We have done extensive research on four different variables of the best spying app for iPhone and came up with our list of the top 10 iPhone spying apps On number one, we have Xnspy as the best spying app for iPhone in Xnspy is a critically-acclaimed and acknowledged spyware offering seamless compatibility with iPhone.

Whether it is basic call and text message monitoring or it is advanced remote monitoring, this iPhone spy app checks all the right boxes of a top performing app. One of the many reasons why Xnspy iPhone spying app is at the top of this list is its eclectic compatibility with iPhone.

After the introduction of new iOS This is only a few of the apps that are compatible with the new iOS The two packages are available for monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions. This app is just right for the parents who are looking to secure their kids online. With internet-enabled smartphones, it has become easy for the perpetrators to access their potential victims.

The app offers more than 30 monitoring features. TrackMyFone is compatible with both iPhone and iPad devices. But the best part is that it does not require download and installation. You would only need the iCloud credentials of the device to pair it with the iPhone. The other benefit for the parents is that they do not need to jailbreak the iPhone unlike other spying apps. Trackmyfone Apple spying app is extremely low priced considering its market competitors.

It offers a single package that can be subscribed for monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. It is also packed with several features that enable you to control an iPhone. You can use its remote control features to keep an eye on the target phone. As far as the compatibility with the iPhone is concerned, mSpy is compatible but it would require you to jailbreak your iPhone before installing it.

It supports iOS 7 up to iOS 9. You would need to download and install the app on their website to track an iPhone.

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These packages have been divided into monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions. It offers many features, but on the affordability side, it is much pricier. Spyzie is another reliable spying app in the market with several features under its name. It can record messages and provide calls information.

After synchronizing the data on iCloud, it can be accessed anywhere. The biggest downside of this iPhone monitoring app is its lagging performance. Being the newest on the market, it has a still a long way to go. The app is compatible with the iPhone. But its compatibility is limited.

It can be used on no jailbreak devices but it offers no support for jailbroken iPhones. However, this iCloud spying app can be used on the iOS 8 and above devices without requiring jailbreak. This is perhaps its major attraction. Spyzie is cheaper than its competitors that offer the same features. For the moment it offers two packages:. Highster offers all the major spying features but lacks the compatibility with the iPhone. Though it offers incredible features for Android phones, it misses the same on iPhone. Still, the app is among the reputable apps online.

The app is also accessible to the user through Windows and other platforms.

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The app is compatible with all iOS versions. But it does not support jailbreak phones.

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You have to install the app through their OTA over-the-air method to download the app. Highster also supports iOS Price is higher than its competitors. The package is valid for a year duration. Which is not needed in many cases.