2. Text-to-Speech

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With the free version of the app, you can set it to read notifications from one app. After choosing your app of choice, go to the Preferences tab to turn the feature on.

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Under preferences you can also set it to automatically turn on and off when headphones are plugged in or when connected to bluetooth. Other settings include blocking certain words from being read out loud, scheduling times for OutLoud to turn on and off, and selecting the TTS Engine. Those first two are only available to upgraded users. Here's how to get the most out of your non-rooted Android phone or tablet!

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Text to speech: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Distracted driving is one of the main reasons for road accidents all over the world. To avoid that, it is better to avoid keeping the phone in one hand and holding the steering wheel using the other hand. In case there is a need to read and reply to messages while driving, it is better to use the apps that read text messages like messageLoud. Download from Google Play Store.

Either it can respond to all incoming calls or to only selected contacts which can be configured on the app.

Currently, it is available only for Android-based phones. Drivemode helps to do all your daily routines like reading emails, browsing Facebook, sending messages on WhatsApp etc without taking your hands off from the steering wheel. Sounds surprising?

Yes, it is true. By using simple voice commands, you can do all your favorite activities without deviating your concentration while driving. Drivemode allows you to reply to text messages using voice commands or put the phone in Do Not Disturb mode and respond only to your favorite contacts. Plus, it can also be integrated with music apps like Spotify, Google Play Music and more.

How to Get Reading Texts Out Loud Feature in Android | Innov8tiv

Not a problem. You can get help from Siri to not only read out the messages but also to reply to them as well. Without taking your hand from the steering wheel, you can read text messages and reply to them using Siri. Pretty cool.

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Are you someone who would like to concentrate only on the roads and nothing else? Thanks to iOS 12, now you can activate the DND mode based on location, event or a specified time interval. However, if you want to enjoy safe driving and want to get a live update of your messages and emails while driving, these apps are your best bet.