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From managing attendance and work hours to monitoring task progress and live location in real time, this one app brings everything together for you.

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ConnectMyWorld is your one stop solution for remote team management , employee tracking and customized data collection. Our GPS driven suite can be operated on any handheld Android device. Using ConnectMyWorld is super easy and hassle free. The simple and stripped app makes operating it super easy.

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Our services come with complete quality assurance. Download the app on your Android device and experience the boost in performance and efficiency of your team.

2. Timesheet Mobile (iOS, Android)

Register on our website with a valid email ID and get two week free trial of our Field Staff Tracking suite. Performance and Simplicity Combined. In our opinion, Simplicity yields the best results.

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Recently, however, geolocation tracking has also become popular for legitimate reasons. Parents want to make sure that their children do not get lost, couples want to find their partners, and friends want to meet spontaneously. For these use cases, smartphone users willingly and knowingly install tracker apps on their devices to actively share their location.

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These apps are neither backdoors nor malware; their location sharing is consensual. Still, these apps deal with highly sensitive private data, which immediately raises several questions on privacy and security. Users must be sure that their data is only available to the legitimate recipients, and that no adversaries can track them and, e.

In this project, we analyzed a selection of the most popular mutual-awareness-tracking apps from the Google Play Store together with the corresponding backend servers.

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Our investigation shows that many apps and services suffer from grave security issues. Some apps use self-made algorithms Cesar cipher, simple shifting, etc. Others do not even attempt to protect their communication and rely on the unprotected http protocol instead.

How to Find a Lost or Stolen Android Phone

In some cases, we were able impersonate the messaging system of the applications. Even more worrying than the apps, however, is the backend side. Hard coded database credentials in apps allowed access to all stored user locations in the backend.

With such a vulnerability, an attacker would be able to extract hundreds of thousands of tracking profiles.