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There are very few spy software companies like FlexiSpy who render this unique feature of call recording and listening. And a user gets annoyed when unable to hear the recordings. The solution to this problem is to download a 3GP codec as the recordings are in 3GP format and hence will not get played in the windows media player. You can also try VLC media player. However the Apple quicktime enables you to play the videos or recordings without making any extra effort for software download.

Second best advice to fruitfully listen to the recordings is that let the files completely get transferred onto the system. Now, this is the most common complaint that I receive and it has varied reasons. Another possible reason for logs getting ceased is that if a user has updated the smartphone OS or in case of iPhone removed a jailbreak then the spy software will automatically stop working. This problem is one of the biggest problems for all the customers.

Generally the website goes down for various time but it may not be noticed by everyone. The sole reason behind this is that these websites are dynamic and the data is constantly being uploaded on it. There are large number of users who are logging into their spy accounts simultaneously and the information or spy reports they provide are different unlike other websites that has to show the standard page across worldwide. Hence the website sometimes goes down due to umpteen traffic but the downtime has terrifically improved over the years.

Infact, you will be able to see the accumulated data when in the real time the services are resumed.

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Another big reason it happens is right before they launch a new feature. It is the time when the website is impeded for a short period of time which sometimes get ignored as well.

How to Detect Spyware and Spy apps in Smartphones.

Although they always try to launch the new features when the traffic is really low so that the inconvenience caused can be avoided. Whenever a new OS update is arrived then it takes a couple of days for the spy developers to provide an updated software for the newer OS version. They need to crack the code and develop the new source code to help enable the spy app to monitor the all new OS version.

Below mentioned are the basic requirements that one should keep in mind before purchasing the software. Either the mobile data or the WiFi must be active to help the spy app work efficiently. Jailbreak an iPhone — To install the software on the apple product the iPhone, iPad, or iPod must first be jailbroken and then the process of installation should be initiated. Without jailbreak a spy software would not work. Root an Android smartphone — Unlike iPhone, Rooting an Android phone is not mandatory but in case you wish to use the advanced features then you will have to root the smartphone to help access the complete information from their smartphone.

Sometimes the operational problems occur due to server being down or when the company is under maintenance for their database. Undoubtedly things have tremendously improved with the best and prominent spy software companies. These are the simple glitches which would always remain with the software however the level of hitch can be controlled to help provide a good experience to their customers. The poor quality spy software will of course bother you a lot more than the good quality spy software.

Spywares, What Can They Do?

These software are extremely powerful and can track all the required information to your online spy account, hence if you encounter any problem then feel free to contact the customer support for detailed information. They will definitely help you resolve the problem in the best possible way. Keep checking this article, As I will keep updating the issues as I run into them.

Also post your comments and queries in the below mentioned section! I will be happy to serve my readers! Your email address will not be published. Look Up To The Technology! Installation and Set-up Problems So this is the most basic issue that every novice has to confront. View their e-mails — Like web history the emails of the default web browser can be looked upon. However there are some spy software that supports gmail as well. So in this case you can view the default as well as the gmail. I forget my gadgets in different open places a way too often!

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